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Welcome to Dreamscape Hosting We provide web hosting packages for your personal or business web site. We also provide Shoutcast streams to suit your needs. Take advantage of our bundled packages.

*NOTE: There is a $3 service fee for credit card purchases..

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Basic Radio Special: $15/mo

Description: Start your very own radio station with our basic radio special. Plenty of space to build your site and store recorded interviews, and ads.


+ 1 GB Space (1,000 mb)
+ 25 GB Bandwidth (25,000 mb)
+ 5 Email Accounts
+ 5 FTP Accounts
+ 5 SQL Databases
+ 10 Email Lists
+ 10 Subdomains


+ 50 Slots 64 kbps Streaming
+ 15 GB Bandwidth (15,000 mb)
+ Shoutcast Control Panel

+ Add Auto DJ: $5/mo

WHMSonic Admin Pro


Gold Stream Hosting: $35/mo
+ 200 Slots
+ 128 kbps
+ 75 GB Bandwidth (75,000 mb)
+ Auto DJ

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Dreamscape Radio
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